What We Do
Our major activities are producing various types of plastic product with different kind of  material (E.g: PET, PS, PP, HDPE, LDPE) with or technologies such as extrusion blow molding, PET stretch blow molding, injection molding. We also provide In-House Packaging Services (E.g: automation sticker labelling, automation shrink wrap labelling, pack in carton box or plastic bag, silk-screen printing and etc), and we are welcome OEM products, and Mold Customization & Designation.

What We Produce:
Plastic Products such as Cookies Container, Cookies Jar, Confectioneries Jar, Automotive Products, Baby Products, Household Products, Medical Products, Organic Food Container, Stationery Packaging and more. We also produce various sizes of normal cap, cap with handle (inwards and outwards), safety cap, and square cap. Besides, we can customize the cap with your logo, we also carry aluminum cap (imported), and more.
Type of Our Product’s Raw Material:
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